Georgia’s First Fully Immersive Chinese Montessori School

About Us

Maylan International Academy is an educational organization dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment by combining the genuine Montessori ideals geared towards functional independence together with a linguistically rich and culturally diverse community.

This is because they are experts at assisting children in finding their own strengths and capabilities through the use of developmentally appropriate lessons and enticing, self-correcting materials. Our Guides also are expert observers which serves as an invaluable tool in their evaluation of each child’s academic, emotional, and social progress, interests, and personality while also allowing each child the space to practice independence and responsibility. Add bilingual language immersion and STEM to that, and the classroom becomes a lively, supportive, and developmental environment of learning and growth for your student!

Our Philosophy

We believe and follow the fundamental Montessori principles. Our first priority is the functional independence of our children. Each program offers age- and developmentally appropriate authentic Montessori learning materials. These were designed by Dr. Maria Montessori to support each child’s ability to learn independently. See, we believe that the role of a teacher is to guide the child through his or her learning process. Thus, our teachers are called Guides. We coach each child on the use of the materials and allow them the freedom to explore within limits.

Our Vision

Maylan is an inclusive bilingual language immersion and STEM school catering to all families interested in a unique early educational experience. Maylan approaches the education process by utilizing a unique, progressive approach emphasizing innovation, creativity, problem-solving, exploration, independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

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