A Chinese language program

Class hours : 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

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Maylan International Academy’s after-school Mandarin Chinese Program is geared toward children who do not attend Maylan for our full-day programs and are currently in grades pre-K through 3rd. Our program is appropriate for all levels of Chinese language experience and no Chinese speaker is needed at home.

Following initial evaluation of your child’s Chinese ability, he/she will be placed with other students of similar level and will receive individualized instruction by native Chinese speakers with many years experience teaching Chinese as a second language.

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Children from the ages of 5-10 are still acquiring language; this class is set up to enrich students’ vocabularies and interaction skills in Chinese. At this stage, we do not introduce pinyin or emphasize Chinese character recognition. Teachers use plays, storytelling, singing, body movements, and crafts to help students develop their oral communication in Chinese. In this manner, students learn to engage in Chinese conversations naturally while building their vocabularies seamlessly. Having an adequate vocabulary is an influential factor in developing a student’s reading, writing, and comprehension skills as they advance through the more advanced stages of learning Chinese.

Stage 1) Building up vocabulary

In the classroom, we use oral and audio exercises to increase our students’ vocabulary. By hearing and using the words as they learn them, our students deepen their understandings of how vocabulary is used in natural conversation.

Stage 2) Composing sentences and communication

Once the students have built a sufficient vocabulary foundation for composing sentences, this process will come naturally and easily. We encourage our students to practice composing sentences in oral form at this age, using individualized exercises tailored to our students’ personal experiences and personalities. This allows our students to turn their passive knowledge of vocabulary up until this point into active knowledge they can use to effectively communicate in Chinese.

Stage 3) Higher Order Thinking

Maylan’s ultimate goal for our language learners is to be able to remember, understand, apply, evaluate, and create in fluent Chinese.

We strongly encourage all prospective students and their families to visit Maylan: take a classroom tour, meet our staff, get your questions answered, and find out if Maylan is the right fit for your child.  Schedule Your Visit Today.