Infant Program

Program for infant

from 12 weeks

Our infant classroom is comforting, warm, and inviting with care being taken to provide nurturing, calm stimulation to enhance the development of the young child. Following Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach, our infants are provided developmentally and age-appropriate materials which support his endeavors towards physical coordination through movement, language, grasping skills, hand-eye coordination, eating, and resting.

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“Nido” is derived from the Italian word meaning “nest”. Our Nido environment is a cozy and nurturing place for your infant to grow and develop based on their own timeline.

The guides in the Nido room are trained to observe each child individually so they can meet their daily changing needs. Our Nido guides are passionate, warm-hearted and enjoy dedicating their day to provide love and safety to each child and maintain a nourishing environment for our sweet infants.

The youngest infants in our care will be developing their 20/20 vision over their first year of life while practicing their gross motor skills like reaching, grasping, rolling over and crawling. This environment will also meet the needs of our oldest children, who will be refining their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination and language through a wide variety of materials and activities in the classroom.

Our Nido environment has natural lighting, beautiful materials on low shelves, floor beds, small tables and chairs among other furniture and aesthetics to meet each child’s need for independence. It is rich with sensorial and language based activities that naturally encourage the child to practice coordinating their movements as well as learn how to trust in themselves. Our open layout has specific areas (sleeping, eating, toileting, working/movement) and our schedule provides a daily routine. These help the child to know what time of day it is based on where they are in the environment. Even our youngest infants will gain self-confidence and feel secure throughout the day.

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