Maylan Academy Teachers

To work in a Montessori environment is very unlike “teaching” in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, one will often hear Montessori teachers referred to as “guides”. This is because they are experts at assisting children in finding their own strengths and capabilities through the use of developmentally appropriate lessons and enticing, self-correcting materials. Montessori teachers (or guides) also are expert observers which serves as an invaluable tool in their evaluation of each child’s academic, emotional, and social progress, interests, and personality while also allowing each child the space to practice independence and responsibility. Add bilingual language immersion and STEM to that, and the teaching environment becomes a lively, supportive, and developmental hot bed of learning and growth for your student!

Maylan teachers (or guides) are adept at leading from behind. They know when to intervene, and above all, they know when to step back. They also create beautiful, warm and joyful environments designed for each child to meet their developmental needs, promote learning and instill community.

Our teachers understand and experience what it means to “believe in the child” and how to best support all children by providing opportunity for them to reach their full potential. It’s an art, a skill and an ability that serves an invaluable purpose in preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world.

Our Teachers

      • Respect children as individuals with unique plans for development.
      • Create a calm and joyful atmosphere in an environment that allows each child to connect to productive work.
      • Give engaging presentations with Montessori materials that the children will use on their own.
      • Foster growth towards independence and social responsibility.
      • Assist children to progress at their own pace and gradually discover their potential while helping them to help themselves.
      • Have over 50 years of experience.
      • Are adept in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English
Ms Jing Xia (Xia LaoShi)
Ms Jing Xia (Xia LaoShi)Assistant Director
Prior to joining Maylan, Xia LaoShi was a Pre-K teacher at a Chinese Immersion IB Magnet Elementary School in Michigan for 2 years. She received her Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University and Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai Normal University.

Ms. Lulia
Ms. LuliaInfant Lead Teacher
Ms. Iulia is our Infant Lead teacher. She comes to join our team and brings her passion (for Montessori), over six years of experience, and her caring nature, to nurture and guide our most young and precious students – the infants.

Her interest in the Montessori method of teaching developed when her daughter was born, in 2012. Watching her grow in a Montessori environment, led her to follow early childhood education with a focus on Montessori philosophy.

She enjoys reading, crafting, and spending time outdoors with her family, (her daughter Sophia and her husband Liviu). One of Iulia’s favorite quotes by Dr. Maria Montessori is, “Of all things, love is most potent”.

Ms. Jingyi
Ms. JingyiSTEM Teacher
Jingyi (Yillia) Zhang, was an illustrator, converted her career into a Chinese language and art teacher. She received her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Cleveland State University and holds a Georgia P-12 teaching certificate (Chinese). Mrs. Zhang worked as a Chinese teacher at a private Catholic school, an independent school, and a district Chinese program Coordinator at K-12 public schools. She was the Resident Advisor and Culture Teacher for STARTALK Foreign Language Academy at Kent State University for two years. In addition, she was the OWL (Organic World Language) Chinese consultant and workshop facilitator during 2016-2018.

Mrs. Zhang loves teaching language through PBL (Project-based learning) method which could lead students to discover their purpose in the world and give students more opportunities to apply Chinese in daily life. Besides teaching Chinese language classes, Mrs. Zhang is experienced in teaching young kids STEAM projects, oil painting, Chinese brush painting, and Chinese calligraphy.

Farida Husain (Ms Farida)
Farida Husain (Ms Farida)Montessori Lead Teacher
Farida Husain (Ms Farida)Montessori Lead Teacher

Montessori is the philosophy that Ms Farida lives and breathes every day, and she has done it for the last 30 years. Ms Farida started working at Solon Montessori in Cleveland Ohio in 1987, where she was trained by Mrs. Gunawardena who in turn had been trained under Dr. Maria Montessori and her son Mario Montessori in India. Her family moved to Sydney, Australia for 6 years where she continued at Hills Montessori in Castle Hill. On their return to US, she continued teaching at Joseph Bruno Montessori Academy, Birmingham, AL. She then moved to Atlanta in 2008 and has been a lead Pre-primary guide at Highlands Montessori and toddler guide at Decatur Montessori. Montessori certification is for 2-to-6-year age children which she received from The Michigan Montessori Training Center. Ms Farida believes that every child has the potential to reach the stars when they are given the time and the guidance to be their unique self.