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April Maa, MD My daughter Lily attended Maylan summer camp for only 3 weeks and she enjoyed herself so much she literally jumped up and down shouting “Yay” when I told her she would return to Maylan for Chinese school during the year. In summer camp alone she learned so much Chinese! She still sings all the Chinese songs she learned; in fact, they taught her a great Chinese poetry song that I don’t even know or understand! For a family that does not speak Chinese at home, we feel that Maylan is an ideal program and it is really geared towards accommodating the typical busy parental schedule. We love the fact it is on the weekday, with multiple times and programs available, freeing the weekend for other family activities. The teacher, Lauren Wen, is just wonderful with young kids and my daughter really loves her. The director has experience and is always looking for suggestions for improvement. I did a significant amount of research of various Chinese teaching programs prior to deciding on one for my daughter and I found Maylan to be the best suited for our needs. Lily sums up how our early experience has been with Maylan. If you ask her, ‘How was Chinese school today?’ she says, “Awesome!”

Assistant Professor
Atlanta VAMC/Emory Eye Center

Our 8 year old daughter Mei attended Maylan summer camp for two weeks and she LOVED it! We were very impressed how Maylan used music, art and fun play activities to teach Mandarin to Mei. She has attended two other Mandarin language camps and we felt Maylan was, by far, the best program!

Joan Kaplan

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