At Maylan International Academy School, Primary Program is more like a community, for mixed age(2.5-6 years) children work together. All lessons in the classroom, Montessori-certified teacher will present individually and children can learn on their own pace. In this child-centered environment, not only the furniture is the right size for your child, but also teacher would closely observe your child, follow your child’s interests and meet your child’s needs to develop your child’s potential.

During group time, Montessori-certified teacher may engage children in different activities with various themes, songs, stories and movements. Your child will build problem-solving skills and confidence through social interaction. Our curriculum is a three-year cycle, including the traditional “kindergarten year”, after two years foundation, seeds of planting will blossom — reading, writing and four math operations, these academic activities come to life with joy of learning.



Through gross and fine motor materials, caring self&environment and Grace and Courtesy lessons, children prepare themselves not only for academic work, but also for their whole life. Practical life area do lay foundation for children’s pencil grip, reading sequence and writing habit, etc.



Sensorial materials inspire children use their fives senses to learn and enjoy the whole experience. Through visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and auditory different aspects to foster children’s sense of order, coordination, concentration and also prepare them for the math lessons.



The whole classroom is integrated, children learn language from the environment. The specific Montessori language area assists children in sound pronunciation, vocabulary development, spelling, phonetic reading and writing, and even grammar for kindergarten level.



Start with numeral and quantity, children would begin explore mathematical relationships, and learn about teens, tens, decimal system, and four math operations, even fractions for kindergarten level, by manipulating concrete Montessori materials.



In this area, children learn about living/non-living, plants/animals and earth/universe. Sometimes children go outside to explore the nature, and sometimes they bring things in classroom to learn with materials on the shelves.



This area includes cartography, physical geography and cultural geography. Montessori hands-on materials reveal children how beautiful the whole world is.



History is abstract for children, but in our classroom, your child still can manipulate materials to learn about time and human history&needs.



Children love art! We prepare different types of art work in our classroom to wait for your child to come to explore!



Music and movement can improve children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability, so we encourage children to participate group activities to enjoy music and movement at Maylan International Academy School.