Maylan International Academy is an educational organization dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment by combining the benefits of Creative, Montessori and Chinese immersion teaching methods.

Established by a group of experienced Chinese language educators in Georgia, Maylan’s founders have 10+ years experience providing Chinese bilingual education in the US and have created a uniquely engaging, theme-based and STEM curriculum that is both appealing and accessible to learners of all skill levels and abilities.

The pillars of our curriculum are inquiry and story-centered learning, research-based educational strategies that elicit the full potential of each student’s natural curiosity, creativity, and innate abilities. Our approach aligns with the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, Communication, Culture, Connection, Comparison, and Community (the 5 Cs).

Here at Maylan, we are committed to cultivating a community of lifelong learners with a global perspective through our rigorous, engaging, and child-centered curriculum.

Maylan’s Childhood Education Professionals are native Mandarin Chinese speakers with bachelors or advanced degrees in education, the arts, or the sciences.

Our teachers give individual and small group lessons amidst the working and social atmosphere of our classrooms. Keen observers of the individual interests and needs of each child, our educators watch our students’ progress and keep records of their work, recognizing their periods of readiness, encouraging their whole development, teaching the proper use of materials, and inspiring love, order, and respect for what they and others are accomplishing. It is the unique blending of all of the above in the classroom that allows the students at Maylan to develop self-control and learn by choice while gaining independence and self-confidence as their skills increase.

Low Teacher-Student Ratio!