Why Montessori?

Developed by Italy’s first female doctor, the Montessori Method is a child-centered system of education built on children’s natural love of learning. The educational techniques advocated by Dr. Maria

Montessori Students working with the magnets on the walls!

Montessori nurture this love into a life-long passion and guides students as they grow into healthy, well-rounded adults.

Montessori offers a sensible, structured system that allows children to develop at their own pace, discovering and learning to use their innate abilities under the guidance of a trained Montessori teacher using specially-designed Montessori materials.*

The Montessori classroom is a child’s world, geared to the skills, pace, and interests of each individual child. It is designed to put children at ease by giving them choices in an environment prepared with attractive materials within easy reach.

Here at Maylan, our curriculum is specially designed to combine the Montessori Method with our research-based Chinese Immersion program. Through the use of engaging activities, stories, and multi-media learning, our one-of-a-kind Montessori environment helps young children learn Chinese as they play!


Montessori materials can be divided into four main categories:

“Practical Life” materials teach children to care for themselves and their environment while promoting concentration, independence, and coordination.

“Sensorial” materials develop and refine the senses to help children distinguish, categorize, understand, and appreciate what they perceive.

“Academic” materials guide children as they develop language, writing and reading, math, geography, and science.

“Cultural and Artistic” materials encourage the development of self-expression and the communication of ideas.

While playing with any of these materials, your child is developing inner knowledge and absorbing concrete concepts to use throughout their life as they encounter future abstract learning situations.