Toddler Program

Program for Toddler

18 to 36 months

Joining our Toddler Community at Maylan International Academy, your child will use hands-on materials to explore self and environment, and interact with prepared adults and active peers. Activities range from materials to develop fine and gross motor skills, language materials, and self-expression through music and art. Our engaging toddler environment allows your child to experience an explosion of language, develop a sense of concentration and independence, and build confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving abilities and social skills. Through group activities and independence choice, we offer children ample opportunities for social interaction, learning how to work together in harmony and peacefully resolve conflicts. By giving children space for freedom of choice, we encourage their independent thinking and learning in an environment that is designed just for them.

Pratical Life

Practical Life activities aid in the development of your child’s independence and mastery of the environment. Each activity helps him to gain an understanding of his native culture and environment - each skill building upon the last. The materials aid in increasing his concentration and order while allowing the child to perfect the coordination necessary for work at a later stage with language and math materials.


The sensorial materials help your child become aware of details. Each material isolates one quality such as color, shape, sound, and size. Each sequence of materials begins with gross differences and works toward finer differences.

Math & Language

Math and Language areas are simple, basic and usually approached on a sensorial level. Numbers and letters are introduced using sandpaper cards. Language is offered throughout the day in conversation, songs and poetry, and read aloud.


Movement is essential for young children. They are concrete sensorial learners, meaning that they learn by interacting with their environment. Our classrooms are designed with children’s need for motion - both in the arrangement of space and the materials selected for use.

Cognitive Skills

Through the work and experiences our Toddlers engage in, they develop autonomy in learning, an understanding of logical consequences, recognition of patterns and routines, and focus and concentration. Children at this stage of development thrive in an environment that provides a sense of order and consistency, and our classrooms do just that, supporting your child’s growth and understanding of the world in which they live.

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