The first few years of a child’s life are fundamentally important for the development of the child’s brain, physical health and personality. The toddler years are the time for them to learn, grow and develop rapidly by exploring the right-sized prepared environment using their bodies and senses.

Joining the Maylan International Academy Toddler Program, your child will use hands-on materials to explore self and environment, and interact with prepared adults and active peers. Activities range from fine and gross motor materials, language&math materials and music&art expressions that allow your child experiences an explosion of language, an development of fine and gross motor control, coordination, concentration, and independence, and build confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving ability and social skills. We foster students imagination and critical thinking to continue to be independent and flexible, instead of being taught to reiterate what was learned, students learn to develop their ability to find various solutions to a problem.


Practical Life activities aid in the development of your child’s independence and mastery of the environment. Each activity helps him perfect the coordination necessary for work at a later stage with the more academic materials. The materials aid in increasing his concentration and order.


The sensorial apparatus helps your child become aware of details. Each material isolates one quality such as color, shape, sound, and size The materials begin with gross differences and work toward finer differences.


Math and Language areas are simple, basic and usually approached on a sensorial level. Numbers and letters are introduced using sandpaper cards. Language is given whenever possible using the various materials in the classroom.


Movement is essential for young children. They learn through active involvement in their environment. Movement will help your child learn body control. It is divided into balance, body awareness, locomotion, non-locomotion and tracking.


Toddler years is a great time to develop children’s cognitive skills, all activities and materials in the environment will help your child develop cognitive skills, such as learning skills, thinking, memory, perception and attention, etc.