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Welcome to Georgia's first Dual Language STEM school.

Maylan International Academy is an educational organization dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment by combining the dual benefits of STEM, Chinese Immersion, Creative teaching methods. Here at Maylan, we are aware students have different learning styles and approaches to learning which allows us to use multi-faceted methods influenced by the Montessori Theory. We are committed to cultivating a community of lifelong learners with a global perspective through our rigorous, engaging, and child-centered curriculum.

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What Our Parents Say

Cardi Family

Our 8 year old daughter Mei attended Maylan summer camp for two weeks and she LOVED it! We were very impressed how Maylan used music, art and fun play activities to teach Mandarin to Mei. She has attended two other Mandarin language camps and we felt Maylan was, by far, the best program!

Joan Kaplan

I did a significant amount of research of various Chinese teaching programs prior to deciding on one for my daughter and I found Maylan to be the best suited for our needs. Lily sums up how our early experience has been with Maylan. If you ask her, ‘How was Chinese school today?’ she says, “Awesome!”

April Maa, MD